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La Peña Restaurant has created a family-friendly atmosphere from the very beginning, blending traditional Ecuadorian cuisine and Latin American music with lively rhythms for dancing. We offer spectacular weekends with live performances by folkloric groups, where attendees can enjoy instruments like the quena, sampoña, charango, and many classic Incan instruments. Furthermore, our extensive experience is at your disposal for hosting social events such as corporate meetings, birthdays, or any celebration. You won't have to worry about a thing because we provide comprehensive event services. Make the decision to ensure your gathering is unforgettable. If you're a sports enthusiast, we have large screens for your enjoyment, along with great food and beverage promotions during games or contests. Ask about our express menu for events.

Simply Peña is a family name, however in the Hispanic vocabulary Peña means a giant boulder, a solid mountain rock. When it becomes La Peña the phrase means a place where people can have different choices – food, drinks, live music, poetry and dance – all at the same time. It means a place for gatherings.


In Ecuador, people usually name it La Peña + name of certain town/place. The managers of La Peña decided to shorten it to make the phrase easy to remember by calling their restaurant simply La Peña. It worked and became very popular. Many places now use La Peña to express a place with live/folk music. Please note that we are not associated with “La Peña restaurant and bar” on North Ave.

Simplemente Peña es un nombre de familia, sin embargo, en el vocabulario hispano Peña significa una roca gigante, una montaña de roca sólida. Cuando se convierte en La Peña significa un lugar donde la gente puede tener diferentes opciones de la frase – la comida, bebidas, música en vivo, poesía y danza – todos al mismo tiempo. Significa un lugar para reuniones.


En Ecuador, la gente suele mencionar que La Peña + nombre de cierta ciudad / lugar. Los directivos de La Peña decidió acortarlo para que la frase fácil de recordar, llamando su restaurante simplemente La Peña. Funcionó y se hizo muy popular. Muchos lugares utilizan ahora La Peña para expresar un lugar con música / folk en directo. Tenga en cuenta que no estamos asociados con “Restaurante La Peña y el bar” de la avenida North.

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